Motherhood Things I Want to Remember

The first year of motherhood is nearly finishing and I simply cannot believe it. It seems that only yesterday I wrote this post, patiently awaiting the arrival of my baby, and then a little bundle of joy came to this world on a rainy Sunday morning in April.


From day one we have taken hundreds of photos and recorded dozens of videos in order to capture the special moments and milestones in the life of our baby boy. But there are certain things, emotions and scents that cannot be recorded or, sadly, bottled up somewhere for us to cherish in the future. That’s why after reading Kelly’s post I decided to create my own list of some of the things I want to remember from this first passing year of motherhood.

Motherhood is challenging and can be hard at times. But these things (and much more) are what makes it so very special.

Photo by A Little Moment

Alina Clark - A family and lifestyle documentary photographer based in Essex

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My name is Alina and I am a documentary family photographer based in Essex, United Kingdom. I love capturing everyday life just the way it is – unscripted, a bit messy and extraordinary in the most ordinary way.

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