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As soon as December rolls I get into a festive spirit. I make a mental list of what needs to be done before Christmas but also how I am going to enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is definitely going to be special this time around as Antek understands more and gets excited about decorating the tree, leaving treats for Santa Claus, but also knows he needs to be good if he wants to get any presents! And speaking of which, I can’t wait to see his face on the Christmas morning when he sees all the presents lying under the tree…


This year we will be hosting our very first Christmas lunch with the whole of our (English) family. I am looking forward to having everyone over and celebrating together. I will try and incorporate some of the festive Polish dishes that I’ve learnt over the years from my mum (and been storing the recipes in my notebook) and also prepare a traditional Christmas Eve supper.

In this whole process of getting everything ready, I always try to slow down and truly appreciate this season. One of the ways for me to do so is to create my own traditions around certain tasks. Whilst decorating the tree is a joint thing to do, writing out Christmas cards is just for me. I light up a scented candle, put Michael Bublé’s album on, pour myself a glass of wine and truly get into the Christmas spirit. I am particularly loving my stationery this year – a set of personalised Christmas cards from Tiny Prints, address labels (I am a sucker for details!) and thank-you cards to send out later this month.



With all of these traditions, festive food, beautiful decorations and special moments, it’s just so sad that this season goes so quickly. But it definitely is the most wonderful time of the year….

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