Everyday Life Making an Easter Bonnet

Since starting preschool, Antek has been asked to prepare something for the weekly ‘show and tell’ sessions. One week we had to make a collage of things that are his favourite colour (remember this photo?), then we had to make a Chinese lantern for Chinese New Year and so on and so forth. The other week he was asked to design and make an Easter bonnet… so we got the supplies and started working on it!

It amazes me how excited he gets about these projects – I always thought he wouldn’t be as interested, since all he wants to do for most of the time is to play with his cars (or Lego Duplo). But he actually designed the bonnet AND got involved with putting the felt stickers and feathers around it (with very minimal help from me). He was extremely proud of his finished bonnet and he has been showing it off to everyone he meets!

Alina Clark - A family and lifestyle documentary photographer based in Essex

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My name is Alina and I am a documentary family photographer based in Essex, United Kingdom. I love capturing everyday life just the way it is – unscripted, a bit messy and extraordinary in the most ordinary way.

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