Motherhood Month Five

Halfway there! I’m pretty sure time speeds up once you reach the 12 week mark of the pregnancy.

I’ve been feeling pretty well and this past month I didn’t suffer from any aches or pains. Baby has been kicking every day now and the kicks are getting more pronounced. We had a scan and everything appears normal, baby is healthy and growing as it should be. And we also found out it’s a girl! Very pleased that I won’t be outnumbered by the boys – and Antek is particularly happy he’s going to have a little sister.

In the coming weeks we will start decorating the baby’s room – I’ve been having an insanely strong ‘nesting syndrome’ (talk about cleaning up the pantry at 9pm or decluttering everything in sight) so I am excited things are progressing!

Also, is it me or has my bump really popped over the last couple of weeks? There are days when I can’t wait to have a bit of a bump, and then there are times when I feel very self-conscious and struggle to accept the weight gain and the changes happening to my body. But I guess that’s pretty normal for every pregnant woman out there.

pregnancy update photo 18 weeks pregnant

pregnancy update photo 19 weeks pregnant

pregnancy update photo 20 weeks pregnant

pregnancy update photo 21 weeks pregnant

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