Maternity Photo Session in Upminster Julie + Aimee

It was such a pleasure photographing Julie and her gorgeous little girl Aimee at their home for this relaxed maternity shoot. Last time I photographed them together, Aimee was still a baby and since then she’s grown into a delightful young girl – and she’s going to be a big sister soon! And just look how beautiful (and glowing) this pregnant mama is!

Maternity shoots are becoming much more popular and as much as I appreciate beautiful photos of pregnant ladies out in the fields, wearing flower crowns and hugging their expanding bellies, I believe that a pregnant woman feels her most comfortable at home – surrounded by her favourite things and people she loves. That’s why I loved capturing these sweet, endearing and unscripted moments that these two lovely ladies had and I also enjoyed following their everyday routines. I could tell it felt special for them to have this time together before the new baby arrives, and had it documented to bottle up this particular chapter in their lives.

I couldn’t be happier with Alina’s work for our at-home maternity photoshoot with my daughter Aimee. Alina is extremely talented and professional and will make you feel completely at ease.

pregnant woman smiling sitting on bed

mum and toddler daughter laughing cuddling on bed

pregnant woman in white maternity dress

mum and daughter cuddling on a bed

pregnant woman showing her belly to daughter

pregnant mum reading a story book to her daughter

mum and daughter doing stickers from an activity book

mum and daughter getting snacks in kitchen

mum drinking tea with her daughter in kitchen

pregnant belly mum and daughter drinking tea in kitchen

mum giving sweet treats to her toddler daughter

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