Everyday Life Baking Christmas cookies

Just as last year, Antek and I dedicated one December morning to bake and decorate Christmas cookies. He was talking about it for days and he couldn’t wait for the whole process of preparing the dough, cutting out shapes, baking and then finally decorating all the cookies.

I’ve noticed that the older he gets, the more he wants to be involved with what we’re doing and sometimes is too impatient or stubborn to listen for directions… which can result in my annoyance or him throwing a tantrum. But as with anything, I am constantly learning to let go, let him do things his way, let the kitchen get messy and just observe him becoming more and more independent. Because isn’t it the whole point of growing up?

making gingerbread men in kitchen

little boy making cookies in a kitchen

boy cutting out cookie shapes

baking christmas cookies

baking and decorating christmas cookies

finished christmas cookies

Alina Clark - A family and lifestyle documentary photographer based in Essex

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My name is Alina and I am a documentary family photographer based in Essex, United Kingdom. I love capturing everyday life just the way it is – unscripted, a bit messy and extraordinary in the most ordinary way.

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