Motherhood Month Nine

I am posting this slightly late as we welcomed our baby girl on Monday 22nd January (her due date!), so I didn’t have a chance to take a 40 weeks bump photo and finish this post before she arrived. However, I did write this pregnancy update before she was born, so here it is!

Here we are, the last pregnancy update! I honestly cannot believe it’s all gone so quickly. I am experiencing bittersweet feelings – excited that soon we will be meeting our baby girl, but also sad because I will be saying goodbye to my baby bump and being pregnant (and it is my last pregnancy after all).

I must admit I’ve had a good pregnancy and I can’t really complain about it. Despite suffering from a horrible nausea at the beginning and then slight aches and pains that developed over the last couple of months, I’ve actually had an easy pregnancy. It did, however, feel different from the previous one, purely because I couldn’t rest as much as I wanted or have naps whenever I wanted… but that’s ok.

We are definitely ready now, the house is ready, everything is washed, the room is finally ready and we are getting impatient…. or at least me! I can tell that the d-day is around the corner because I’ve been re-organising, decluttering and cleaning like CRAZY. Poor Steve probably thinks that I’ve lost the plot. But I feel like there is still so much to be done and I need to make sure that everything is ready… which is crazy, I know, and I had the same nesting syndrome just before I had Antek. So that’s a good sign, I guess!

So here we go, in the next post I will hopefully be sharing some photos of our newborn!

woman 36 weeks pregnant bump

woman 37 weeks pregnant bump

woman 38 weeks pregnant bump

woman 39 weeks pregnant bump

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