Motherhood Six Months Old

It appears that I have blinked and my baby girl is now six months old! It’s such a cliché thing to say, but where has the time gone? Does the time really go faster when you have kids?

Emilia truly is a dream baby. She is so easy-going, so chilled and fits so well within our family. She is a great sleeper and enjoys exploring new food that we give her. She has mastered the ‘army crawl’, is close to sitting on her own and has almost figured out how to crawl. Slow down, time – I’m not ready for her to grow up just yet!

I’m sharing a few of my favourite photos from the last half year with our favourite little girl (you may have seen some of them already on my Instagram or Facebook page).

one day old newborn baby girl

one day newborn baby girl sleeping on dad chest

two day old newborn baby girl

newborn baby girl in sleepyhead

grandma holding newborn baby girl

dad showing tongue to newborn baby girl

baby girl in pink clothes smiling

monochrome portrait baby girl

big brother playing with baby sister

baby girl smiling in bathtub

three month baby girl in dad arms

big brother feeding baby sister bottle milk

tummy time baby girl changing mat

big brother kissing baby sister on cheek

baby girl sitting in jumperoo

five month old baby girl tummy time mum holding baby girl in park

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