Everyday Life Snow Day in Katowice

There is one thing that this little boy of mine misses every winter – and that is snow. Once we get into winter he asks us if it’s going to snow anytime soon. Sadly, as we know, it doesn’t happen that often in England (do you remember when it did last year?)! So when we were in Poland for Christmas and it snowed over night… you can only imagine how excited he was to see all of this snow when he woke up in the morning!

As soon as he finished breakfast he got himself dressed, wrapped up really warm and headed outside to my parents’ garden. Daddy was in charge of building a snowman, Dziadek was clearing out the driveway (Antek very happily helped), whilst Babcia and Emilia were checking on us from the comfort of the house (can you spot them in the window?). Once the snowman was built and the driveway cleared of the snow, we high-fived each other and got back inside for hot drinks. We definitely deserved them after being out in the cold for quite a while!

little boy playing with snow winter poland

small boy smiling snowflake on his nose

having fun jumping in garden snow winter

clearing out snow in garden with grandad

frozen berries covered in snow in garden

little boy making a snowman with his dad in garden

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