Everyday Life Homemade pizzas

Sometimes there are days when I just don’t know what to cook for dinner or have no strength to muster something up that would appeal to the whole family (you know those days?). And that’s when having homemade pizzas is the best idea there is. It’s cheap, quick, easy and can get kids involved and entertained. No other home cooked meal gets Antek excited to be able to see it made from start to finish (ok, maybe apart from baking Christmas cookies). And even the little one wanted to have her go at helping with the toppings! And let me tell you, these pizzas were so tasty, they were gone within minutes! I guess my job here as a chef is done…?

little boy making homemade pizzas with his dad in white kitchen

small boy baking homemade pizzas with his dad little baby sister in white kitchen

little boy little baby girl eating homemade pizzas in white kitchen

Alina Clark - A family and lifestyle documentary photographer based in Essex

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My name is Alina and I am a documentary family photographer based in Essex, United Kingdom. I love capturing everyday life just the way it is – unscripted, a bit messy and extraordinary in the most ordinary way.

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