Everyday Life A trip to Brighton

Back in April Steve and I went on a trip to Brighton as he was taking part in the Brighton Marathon and I wanted to be there to cheer on him. We left the kids with the grandparents on Saturday morning and drove to the seaside. This was my second time in Brighton – last time we visited the seaside was nearly 10 years ago, so before we were married and started family!

After dropping our bags at the hotel (which was conveniently located by the seaside and the Lanes), we had a delicious lunch at The Breakfast Club (one of my favourite places for brunch) and walked over to the Marathon Village to pick up Steve’s race number. You could feel the excitement in the air and everyone was buzzing for the race in the morning. We strolled through the Brighton pier (always looking behind our shoulder to check the ever-so-hungry huge seagulls hunting for food), enjoyed a dinner in a nearby restaurant and rested before the race.

brighton palace pier promenade view from the beach
brighton beach from promenade
seagull sitting on ledge on beach

brighton palace pier entrance

seagulls at pier promenade sitting on roof
view of brighton beach from the pier
brighton palace pier sign
helter skelter brighton pier
brighton palace pier promenade
turbo roller coaster brighton pier

On Sunday morning we split and Steve went out to the marathon’s starting point and I enjoyed my breakfast and a walk around the Lanes. As it was still very early, I managed to take lots of photos of the little streets without any tourists. Once the marathon started I was checking Steve’s location to see where I could see him and cheer on him. I did so much walking to make sure I was in the right places! The atmosphere was incredible and everyone was cheering on the runners. After about four hours, I waved to Steve one more time just before the finishing line and I nearly cried – I was so emotional and so incredibly proud of him! Once we were reunited we got him changed and celebrated with a delicious lunch and coffee. We then packed our bags, got in the car and drove back to our babies.

brighton lanes early sunday morning
the victory inn pub front
the brighton lanes in sunshine
quince restaurant bistro

sugardough bread cake cafe bistro brighton lanes

brighton church on lanes early morning light
brighton lanes early morning light

distressed window frame

jewellery quarte
motorbike parked outside church
graffiti on building
the royal pavilion brighton in sunshine
narrow brighton lane in early morning sunshine
the royal pavilion brighton
blue lion pub window front brighton lanes

Even though it was a busy and physically demanding weekend for both of us (I know I didn’t run the marathon but I still had to walk A LOT!), it was so nice to spend some time just the two of us. And we are already planning our next trip to Brighton but this time with the kids!

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