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If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that every year we travel  for a chunk of our summer holiday to Poland. It’s the perfect opportunity to visit my family and friends, have the kids spend time with our relatives and enjoy the hot weather that we pretty much always seem to get in Poland during the summer months (which is not what you can say about the English weather!). This year was no different. The weather was amazing and most of our days were spent outdoors, exploring the garden, cooling off in a splashing pool and picking up blackberries, peaches, strawberries and other garden produce. The kids absolutely loved it!

My husband and I also managed to take a couple of days off and stayed in the capital of Poland – Warsaw. It was fantastic and we both fell in love with the city and wished we could stay longer!

I wrote about it earlier this year on my blog, but living far from my family is always a bit bittersweet. There are times when I wish we were all living closer to each other. It especially pains me when I think of my parents missing seeing their grandchildren on a more regular basis. That’s why I find taking photos of all of our trips and visits so important. Our summer holiday in Poland went by pretty quickly but luckily I have all of these pictures to remind us of this special time back in the summer.

summer holiday poland little girl holding blue watering can in the garden

grandmother and grandchildren blowing giant bubbles in the garden

summer holiday poland grandmother hugging her grandson and granddaughter in the garden

summer holiday poland grandmother helping grandaughter with blowing bubbles

little toddler girl blowing giant bubbles in the garden

summer holiday poland baby snail sitting on blackberry

grandmother and granddaughter picking blackberries in garden

little girl sitting on doorstep with bandaids on her knees

summer holiday poland little boy smiling with blackberries smeared all over his face

boys putting their legs in bit bowl with colourful plastic balls

grandmother playing with little granddaughter

little girl sitting on big brown dog

little girl outside wooden garden house

summer holiday poland toddler girl looking out a window of wooden toy house

grandmother watering plants and flowers in garden

grandma and granddaughter picking peaches from tree in garden

child hiding under fresh washing in the garden

summer holiday poland children jumping on trampoline in garden smiling

girl playing with water balloons on floor

grandma drawing pictures with chalk

giant water puddle with toys

little toddler girl standing in a green garden

boy riding a bike on street with small girl and little dog looking

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