Everyday Life Summer holiday in Crete, Greece

Our summer this year was so busy and I have so many photos to share with you!

After coming back from our summer holiday in Poland, we had to quickly unpack, wash our clothes and repack again as we were flying out to Crete in Greece. I was so excited for this family holiday – especially that we were going with my in-laws and the kids couldn’t be happier. This was my second trip to Crete and I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed as the island was so beautiful.

We purposefully didn’t plan many activities for this week away as we expected the kids would much prefer to spend the days at the pool and on the beach. While it was a bit too windy to play and swim in the sea (red flag almost every day), we were lucky that our resort was fully equipped with small children in mind – cue multiple swimming pools, water slides, playgrounds and more!

summer holiday in crete greece toddler girl sitting on edge of swimming pool

boy in swimming pool fixing his goggles mask

summer holiday in crete greece dad throwing daughter in the air

summer holiday in creete greece hotel resort with swimming pool

father and adult son sitting at table laughing

little girl eating vanilla ice cream with spoon

One trip we did do was visiting the German War Cemetery where my great-uncle’s grave is. He wasn’t German but he was forced into the German army during the Second World War. He was a pilot stationed in Crete and unfortunately was shot dead while trying to escape the army. The trip to the cemetery was special as Anthony’s middle name is Stanislaw, which is the name of my great-uncle. It was important to me for my son to visit his relative’s grave as he was an extremely brave and patriotic soldier whose life was very tragic.

german war cemetery crete greece maleme

pink Bougainvillea flowering in crete greece

One of the big milestones during this holiday was Emilia seeing the sea for the first time in her life! It was wonderful to see her giggling and squealing when the waves were hitting her. She was very keen to swim in the sea with no fear whatsoever. Same with the swimming pool – by the end of our week away she was confidently jumping into the water (with her inflatable armbands though). She definitely is a water baby!

toddler girl swimming in pool with orange armbands

dad smiling at daughter in swimming pool

We had a lovely time together as a family on this summer holiday in Crete, Greece and I am so grateful we managed to spend quality time together before going back to our routines (and for some – school!).

summer holiday in crete greece beach in maleme

pink Bougainvillea growing tall in crete greece

big brother holding hands with small baby sister

dad with two small kids on swings at playground

dad holding toddler girl in his arms

summer holiday in crete greece louis princess creta

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