Everyday Life 10 on 10: February

Second month of the Project 10 on 10 and I must admit, I almost forgot to photograph the start of our day in the midst of the morning chaos, getting everyone ready, fed, dressed etc. Just as last month, it was a pretty ordinary day. Once the boys left the house for the day (Antek to school and husband to work), it was just me and Emilia. We didn’t plan on leaving the house that day so I had to stay creative in order to interestingly photograph our day indoors.

After having our morning beverages (super crucial, as you can imagine) we got dressed and played a little bit, whilst we had a builder starting the renovation works in our hallway – as  you can tell, it’s going to be messy! Emilia wasn’t too keen on being photographed after waking up from her nap (can’t blame her, really) and once we picked Antek up from school we settled with toys and snacks for the rest of the afternoon. Once all the chores of the day were done and the kids were tucked in in their beds, it was time for myself with my favourite jigsaw puzzles. Yes, I realise this makes me look old and boring but I can’t help it, I’ve loved jigsaw puzzles since I was a little girl and it’s still one of my favourite pastimes! It really helps me destress and be mindful of what I’m doing.

10 on 10 February 2020 brother sister sitting on stairs

10 on 10 February 2020 coffee cup on lap

10 on 10 February marble balls

10 on 10 February 2020 little girl with blue eyes

10 on 10 February wall measuring tape

10 on 10 February decorating hallway

10 on 10 February girl waking up from her nap

moody afternoon sky

black and white dad two children using laptop

jigsaw puzzles on green mat

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