Everyday Life 10 on 10: January

One of my photography resolutions for 2020 is to get involved in more personal projects that will fuel my creativity and put things I’ve learned into practice. I am continuing with the Project 365, might dive into Project 52 but also decided to do Project 10 on 10 (yes, I am clearly very ambitious – we will see how all this goes later in the year!). Confused about what this one is about? It’s actually a pretty straightforward one and something that anyone with camera can do (yes, even with your mobile!).

You basically take 10 photos on the 10th day of the month. When put together, the photos will then show what your particular day looked like. Some months that day will be an ordinary day, full of chores and errands. But some months something interesting will happen on that day and it will serve as a great visual souvenir. The beauty of this project that it’s easy-ish to keep up with, as long as you remember to take the photos on the 10th day of each month!

So here is my first take on the project. My 10 photos from the 10th January. As you can see, it was an ordinary day on which Emilia and I did a lot of jigsaw puzzles, played with Lego and Cars and during her nap time I tried to squeeze in some photo editing. Once Antek was back from school they both played with Lego Duplo (just look. at. that. mess) and after dinner we had an impromptu dance party in the kitchen!

All in all, a normal day but when I look at these photos they definitely put a smile on my face.

10 on 10 january toddler girl playing with jigsaw puzzles on floor

10 on 10 january little girl playing with cars on floor

10 on 10 hand drawn drawings of buildings oddbods

toddler girl eating lunch in high chair

10 on 10 laptop computer coffee mug

10 on 10 little girl watching television with comfort blanket

10 on 10 kitchen sink afternoon light

10 on 10 boy playing lego duplo

girl with sunglasses dancing in kitchen

boy with gold chain necklace basketball hat dancing in kitchen

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