Hi, my name is Alina Clark

A family documentary photographer based in Essex

woman smiling wearing hat scarf holding camera

It all started when I was a schoolgirl and got myself a very basic film camera. I began to take photos of everything and would eagerly await for them to be developed at a local photography shop. I was amazed that with a click of a button I could freeze a moment in time and decided to learn as much as I could about photography. Upgrading to a digital camera made it easier for me to learn through trial and error and I kept working further on my craft.

But it’s not only the technical aspect of photography that got me hooked. You see, I am a very sentimental person at heart. I collect memorabilia,  reminisce about the past events, and when I hear a certain song, or smell a certain scent, it can bring me back to special places, people or situations. But nothing beats the sense of vision. Being able to capture something or someone dear to me and having photographs to remind me of various events and people in my life is extraordinary. That’s why I love being able to offer the same appreciation of the everyday moments to other people.

What else can I say about myself? You can take a look at my blog for an insight in to my life, but here is a quick list of other things I love:

My husband, our boy Antek, our baby girl Emilia, our cat Frankie, coffee, cakes (my mum’s cherry tart the most), cheesy pop music, quirky films, the seaside, writing lists, lighting scented candles, Barcelona, Spanish language, being indoors (I’m a homebody), sleeping, exercising (when I’m in the mood for it), crisp autumn days, sunshine, lily of the valley and the colour teal.

If you are interested in creating something beautiful together, please send me a message.


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