Family Photo Session in Hornchurch - Sunny Saturday morning

I was invited to David and Laura’s house to take some natural photos of their family on a sunny Saturday morning. I was greeted by their two kids – Marnie and little Finley. It was such a joy to photograph them all, having fun playing with Play-Doh, drawing and being silly in the family bedroom. We also had a little walk around the nearby field, where Marnie was running around, picking flowers and looking for forest fairies. It was such a nice morning and I am so happy I captured these special moments for this lovely family.

Arts and crafts with mum and toddler girl

Arts and crafts in the kitchen with mum and dad and toddler girl

Toddler girl laughing and playing with her mum and dad in living room

Toddler girl playing with mum and dad in living room

Dad smiling at his baby boy son

Family of four cuddling and playing on a bed in mum and dad bedroom.

Mum cuddling and kissing baby boy and dad playing with a toddler girl in a bedroom

Mum and dad cuddling and playing with toddler girl and baby boy on a bed.

Family trip to field and forest, picking flowers in meadow

Family walk in a field and forest

Family walking in a field, smiling, laughing - mum, dad, baby boy and a toddler girl

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